NAWJ Second Annual Success Inside and Out Resource Fair

Las Colinas Women’s Detention Facility, San Diego, CA

November 30, 2018

The Second Annual Resource Fair went off with great success. Four NAWJ local members, including President Tamila Ipema, were on site engaging with the community providers and inmates. Each time we host these events, we learn. We gain a greater understanding of exactly what is needed for each woman to succeed. Here, success is measured in what will it take to end the repetitive return to jail and the criminal justice system. On site were providers from local colleges full of encouragement and a step by step guide on how to earn a certification or a degree; employment agencies that teach resume writing and interview skills; services to clear records; community health services and support agencies for victims of human trafficking.

Rounding out the group was the local child support agency, behind the leadership of Bryanna Fornerod, the women were able to sit down and receive individualized attention with computer records at the ready. The women took great advantage of this ability to find out what they owed, or how to get an order upon reunification with their children upon release. These Fairs are easy to coordinate, and the agency and organizations are happy to participate and eager to reach this needy group. The Las Colinas Captain, Re-entry Supervisor, Counselors and others were present to support this effort and the women from the facility. It is truly a team effort and we encourage all districts to get this program up and running.

NAWJ is here to help you do just that! Please contact NAWJ Project Chair Pennie McLaughlin for information, encouragement and enthusiasm.

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