Changing Behavior

In this workshop, you will meet Robert Coleman, CEO of San Diego’s Second Chance, Dave Durocher, Director of “The Other Side Academy,” along with Cierra Robinson, who after years of being a victim of human trafficking and suffering a conviction, is now pursuing a psychology degree and is the owner of Inspired Innovation, a nonprofit organization. You too can transform your life, and in this session you will learn steps on how to do this by adjusting your thinking and your actions to learn pro-social, vocational and life skills to put you on the path to achieving a healthy life outside of incarceration.

Ending Destructive Relationships and finding healthy ones

This workshop will bring awareness to human trafficking in San Diego, and will help you avoid falling victim to a destructive relationship. You will learn first-hand from a brave woman, Ebony Jones, who managed to escape sexual abuse and domestic violence, and will share with you how she reconstructed her destructive life into a healthy one. Ebony now works to help other girls and women escape similar destructive fates. You will also hear from District Attorney Summer Stephan and Deputy Public Defender Hannah Kuhami.

Handling Money and cleaning up your credit

Learn responsible budgeting, spending and saving, along with good banking and credit practices. This workshop will tell you how to clean up your credit and correct past mistakes. Bankruptcy Judge Margaret Mann will take you through a quick course on the most important things to know about handling money, and Legal Aid Supervising Attorney Alysson Snow will let you know how to clean up your credit and the services offered at Legal Aid to help you with this process.

If you have lost a nurturing and positive connection with your child because of being in jail, please join us in this workshop to learn the tips and tools to help you reconnect to your child. Attorney Marie Hommel, who is the Protective Services Supervisor for San Diego County HHSA, will share her insight into this sensitive and important issue. You will also hear from Jaimee Johnson, who overcame addiction and incarceration in Las Colinas, and was able to regain custody of her children. Judge Ana Espana will also share her wealth of experience on this topic, having worked as a dependency attorney for 25 years, representing both parents and children before being appointed to the bench in 2008. As a judge, she has presided over a dependency calendar for two years and currently presides over the dependency drug court. New to the program is Betty Mohlenbrock, who is the Founder and President of Reading Legacies, a program designed to help incarcerated women and men re-connect with their children while in custody in order to make for a smoother transition after incarceration.


Hear from professors and administrators from Cuyamaca, Grossmont and Southwestern Community Colleges as they discuss the nuts and bolts of how to apply to college and obtain financial help. You will learn about starting classes while in Las Colinas, as well as opportunities to pursue a certification or a degree. You will also learn about the different programs available that can lead to a career.

Back To School Guide


This workshop will feature Division Chief Probation Officer Karna Lua, who will discuss ways to avoid pit falls while on probation to assure a successful completion of probation. Chief Public Defender Kate Braner, Jamie Beck, President of “Free to Thrive” in San Diego, and Judge Lisa Rodriguez will take you through the process of cleaning up your criminal record so that you can move forward with your life following incarceration.


There is no better time than right now to transform your inner and outer body. The world is full of possibilities, and an exercise routine is just what you need to start or end your day. Release stress, engage your kids, family members and friends, and begin anew. In this workshop, Captain James Madsen will team up with Commissioner Pennie McLaughlin to teach you about easy to do exercise routines from top to bottom. You will also learn simple to follow balanced meal plans to save time and money and take the stress out of planning meals for your family. Come and enjoy a taste of a vitamin-packed green shake and learn how to shop for healthy food for you and your family on a budget.

HEALTHY OBSESSIONS: Using A Healthy Eating Plan and Exercise to Heal Your Body and Soul